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Transcription Services

Word4Word Transcription Services LLC Transcribes:
Law Enforcement Audio/Video

✓ Wiretaps and Surveillance

✓ Radio communications

✓ Court Proceedings

✓ Witness statements

✓ Jail Call recordings

✓ Arrest, Accident and Traffic reports

✓ 911 Dispatch communications

✓ Internal Affairs Investigations

✓ Patrol reports

✓ Suspect Interrogation

✓ Patrol & In-custody reports

✓ Staff and Department meetings

✓ Inmate phone calls

✓ Taped Police and Law interviews

✓ Internal Correspondence

✓ Secure Police report transcription

✓ Memorandums

✓ In-house & On-site Interrogations

✓ Victim interviews

✓ Narrative of all kinds and Q&A

Prices for Law Enforcement Transcription
(No Hidden Fees)

Our transcription rates for law enforcement audio/video ranges from $5.75 to $25.00 per page.

Law enforcement transcription rates will vary based on certain criteria. Verbatim vs. non-verbatim transcription, turnaround time requirements, the number of speakers in a file, and the audio quality of a file.

Rush Rates
(1-2 business days)

Standard Rates
(5 -10 business days)

Category A

$10.00 / per page

$ 5.75 / per page

Category B

$15.50 / per page

$10.50 / per page

Category C

$25.00 / per page

$20.00 / per page

 We give nothing but the best to our law enforcement clients. Our law enforcement transcription rates are very competitive, our quality is excellent (99%), we always meet the turnaround time, and we are 100% CJIS compliant.

Law Enforcement Transcription Rates – CJIS compliant

Our basic rates are classified into three categories:  A, B and C.

Category A:  A one-person dialogue recorded in digital format.  This may be a single person narrative, i.e., an officer’s traffic report, a crime scene report, detective case notes, etc.  This category also includes one-on-one interviews/interrogations of witnesses, suspects, victims, et al., involved in a case.

Category B:  Verbatim interviews with no more than three people. Difficult audio with significant background noise and speakers that are difficult to understand (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, etc.).  Interviews with three or more people can be more difficult to transcribe because of over talk, mic proximity, etc. Heavy accents and whispering will also fall in this category.

Category C:  Four or more speakers. Scientific terminology or very thick accents. Conference calls.  Undercover wires that have multiple speakers.  This type of audio is hard to determine without hearing the actual audio. 

The math on Law Enforcement Transcription Pricing

Law enforcement transcription services can be an expensive and grueling option for departments to take on themselves.  Outsourcing your transcription needs will save you money because there will be less overtime logged and fewer internal employees necessary.


  • For same day service, please call for those law enforcement transcription rates as there are several factors we have to consider before pricing your project.

  • Word4Word Transcription Services, LLC has the right to increase our law enforcement transcription rates at any time without any prior obligation due to poor audio files, verbatim transcription and more.   However, you will be informed ahead of time of any rate increase before proceeding with your file(s).

  • Law enforcement transcription rates will be higher for poor-quality audio; however, we will try to inform you prior to doing the work if we face any problem and obtain your permission on whether to proceed with your transcription.

Audio difficulties include:

  • Poor quality, fading in and out, static.

  • Lots of background noise that makes it difficult to hear the speakers.

  • Low-speaking voices that cannot be heard.

  • Speakers talking from long distances from the mic.

The law enforcement transcription rates listed above do NOT include state of Illinois transcripts.  Transcription prices for state of Illinois transcripts is $3.65/page.

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